We are All Buddhas

One of my favorite secrets is that if you look down from the Manhattan-bound JMZ, you can catch a quick glimpse of my favorite graffiti in all of NYC.

(Photo by Michele Burdiak)

Usually when the kids start with the loud music and the dancing, I turn into an annoyed geezer.  This kid though earned by begrudged respect.

All aboard the Soul Train!

Sometimes a train station platform dissolves into a music and/or dance party.  This was a pretty good one.

Every Step of the Way

Spotted in the Broadway/Nassau G train station.  This was an advertisement for B of A but some genius with a sharpie kicked it up a notch:

Irony Check

I don’t know about you but it feels like the definition of Irony has been bastardized over the years-especially in regards to Brooklyn.  30-somethings in plaid shirts and beards are not ironic.  Feel free to question the aesthetic choice but check your verbiage (you too Alanis).

Anyway, this I think we can all agree is ironic:

Free (Good) Advice!

I was lucky enough to run into these guys staked outside of the 8th St N/R station.  Besides being adorable, they’re brothers who happen to actually give great advice.  Like, they gave me homework and everything.  Real deal.  You can read more about them here.

Take Her Out

Excellent advice abound in this one!

Another Day at the Office

Spotted at the 34th St. NRQ platform.  The payoff is watching him transform from a machine back into a little boy.

My Love

LOVE THIS!  It appears a renegade artist took the opportunity of wet, peeling paint to make a statement:

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Introducing BeeBee’s Kids

Not to be a total creepster but one of my favorite things about getting to ride the train every day is having stare-access to the fascinating kids of NYC.  I grew up in a small town where kids played with dolls and ate glue until an alarmingly late age so I am endlessly fascinated by the complicated faces on these little people.


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